About me

I am Associate Professor in the Department of History and Communication at Valladolid University. I am Head of Journalism and professor of Journalism Degree. I got my Ph.D. in Media Communication (with an international mention) at Complutense University (2008). I hold a BA in Journalism, MA in Documentary Realization and MA in Fiction Screenwriting.

My field of study is divided into two main areas. The first focuses on understanding how the new narrative formulas have been included in the traditional mass media or, in other cases, how new media have emerged. My specialization in this area of study focuses on the informative power of serious games and the mobile ecosystem in the political and informative domain. My second research field focuses on the history of the mass media, mainly studying the Spanish state broadcast (Radio Nacional de España) during the Francoism and the Transition years. I have published two monograph studies and more than 40 articles in indexed magazines, among which it is relevant to highlight Games & Culture, Comunicar, Profesional de la Información, Interfaçe, Media History or Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television. I have done research stays in the Universities of England, the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Ecuador, and Chile, under the framework of the research grant “José Castillejo,” international research internship programs Ph.D. grants at the Complutense University in Madrid.

I have been member of staff in 4 universities (UCM, CES Felipe II, UNIR and UVa) and professor in the area of study related to “new narratives with social impact” in master degrees of several national (UAB, Carlos III, URJC, Universidad Internacional de Valencia, etc.) and international universities (Universidad de La Habana, Lincoln University, Universidad de los Andes, etc.). Furthermore, I have participated counseling the Secretatiat of State´s press office, España Global (2019) and as an expert consultant of the FIIAPP (Fundación Internacional y para Iberoamérica de Administración y Políticas Públicas) in 2015.

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This web is a work in progress, so you can expect I will add some functionalities (and more information) in the next months. It doesn´t matter when you read this.